Rafael Ramos

Rafael Ramos

Managing Director

Rafael Ramos joined Brownstone Agency, Inc., in 1987 and is the Managing Director, with direct oversight for the claims and litigation units in all jurisdictions where the Brownstone Program is represented. Mr. Ramos has served as a Managing Director of Brownstone Agency, Inc., and its subsidiaries for the majority of his tenure at Brownstone.

Mr. Ramos provides guidance and direction for industry Best Practices, serves as the direct NY State liaison for compliance and regulatory matters, and oversees the operations of the Company on a day-to-day basis including, but not limited to, labor and employment policies. His role overlaps into the development of new business and expansion opportunities, loss and risk control, and areas for Corporate due diligence.

An excellent communicator, innovative leader and proactive executive, Mr. Ramos takes pride in maximizing results, providing optimum customer service and ensuring the integrity of long-term Company goals.

Mr. Ramos achieved his undergraduate degree at Cornell University (B.A., cum laude) and is a graduate of Northeastern University School of Law (Juris Doctor).

Of all his academic and professional achievements, Rafael takes great pride in his family which includes four grandchildren.